Corporate Members

Lymphedema Depot Ltd.

Lymphedema Depot is a Canadian company dedicated to bringing new options in

lymphedema and wound care products to Canadians. We are the exclusive Canadian distributor of Lohmann & Rauscher’s Solaris Collection of medical compression garments for chronic swelling and wound care applications and the management of lymphatic and venous edemas.  At Lymphedema Depot, our goal is simple: help to make the management of chronic edema and wounds less complex, more effective, and ultimately easier for patients.


Valco has been providing medical compression products to healthcare providers for over 40 years. Their goal has always been to offer a wide range of products both innovative, aesthetic and evolving that would meet the lifestyles of today's patients. They have solutions that meet your needs. Valco Products is the Canadian distributor of medi products. The representative for Nova Scotia is Krista Short: 506-588-4845